So you were awarded a ruling against your debtor. How will you collect?

Exalt BPO is a well established collection firm that can recover your judgment using our in-depth understanding of the debt collection process and a team of specialists. Our personal collections experience and familiarity with the process of judgment recovery enable us to collect your judgment – faster and with a successful collection rate that is among the highest in the industry.

Our office is staffed with the most aggressive and successful debt collection specialists available anywhere. We use a wide range of creative, effective options to collect your judgment including personal resources and the latest in technology. The results we’ve achieved are proof that we know how to get the money you’ve won through court judgment.

When you go to court and win, you will get a copy of the cout’s judgment. This will show the amount of money the losing party must pay you. This party is referred to as the “judgment debtor,” and you are known as the “judgment creditor.”

The judgment itself is essentially a court order marking the decision in a lawsuit. There are many powerful tools that we are able to imploy when collecting a judgment for you.