utility and service collections

ExaltBPO specializes in the unique needs of the utility industry. Exalt BPO’s experienced team of specialists implements, and manages customized collection and account receivable solutions for our clients.

Our goal is to quickly bring the account to resolution so we can focus clearly on the next account. Since usually the debtor is a potential return customer, it becomes Exalt BPO’s responsibility to represent our clients in a professional, courteous and ethical manner.

Exalt BPO’s always strives to have the customer current on the balance of the account. Either by paying off the account in full or getting automated payment arrangements made with the account holder. This will result in lower outstanding A/R and improving our clients bottom line.

Exalt BPO has a multitude of options for achieving maximum recovery. With our utility collection services, you are able to focus your time and energy on providing quality services. Our collections team will make an effective collections straregy for you, and will enhance your accounts receivables management.