Claim Adjudication

Outsource Claims Adjudication Services

Claims adjudication is an important task for insurance providers as it prevents instances of duplicated claims, unwanted claims, delayed execution, etc. Even the right claims when mismanaged can have adverse effects on the company. Inefficient healthcare claims adjudication will eventually adversely affect the firm’s revenue. So it is important to streamline this process by outsourcing it to a reliable service provider.

exalt bpo's claim adjudication services

  • Medical Claims Processing
  • PPO Repricing
  • Forms Processing
  • Insurance Fraud Detection
  • EDI Integration

Why Choose Exal BPO for claim adjudication services?

  • All our clients will be billed based on the number of claims processed per day, work volume, etc. This assures quick and efficient services at affordable rates

  • We sign confidentiality agreements and have data security policies in place to ensure that all your critical data remains completely safe with us

  • All our processes and services are compliant with HIPAA hence you can be assured that all the services we provide will be of high quality

  • Our team comprises of highly skilled, talented, qualified, and experienced adjudicators and insurance experts who are capable of catering to any type of client needs