medical animation and illustration

Outsource Medical Animation Services

At Outsource2india, we provide high-quality and accurate medical animation services at a cost-effective price. We have a competent team of animators who can provide you with highly proficient medical animation services. Since the cost of medical animation services in the U.S is very high, most of the healthcare organizations have started outsourcing medical animation services to India. In India, the cost is between 25-30% of the total cost of production in the US and Europe.

exalt bpo's Medical Animation Services

  • 3D Medical Animation Service
  • 2D Medical Animation Service
  • Medical Illustration Service

Why Choose Exal BPO formedical animation and illustration service?

After understanding the nature of your requirements, we can create made-to-order medical animations and illustrations which will meet the specific needs of your target audience. In case you require medical animation services for legal purposes, we can re-create events or replicate injuries with medical animations or medical illustrations created from the data or inputs taken from the scene of crime.

We can also supply the created medical animations in the media you prefer (video, multi-media CDs, or 2D / 3D printing).If you require presentations which would be aimed at medical professionals, we can create medical animations with the required intricate details.