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Outsource Medical Transcription Services

Exalt BPO provides Medical Transcription Services to hospitals, multi-specialty clinics, physician practices and healthcare institutions. Our global delivery centers, located across India, Philippines, South America and Kenya can process high volume healthcare transcription requirements with great speed and accuracy. 

exalt bpo's medical transcription services

If you are a hospital or a multi-specialty clinic, we can handle your entire medical transcription volume, physician by physician, and submit reports into your system and even fax the reports on your behalf to the referring doctors! Outsource2india’s medical transcription work-flow is 100% HIPAA compliant.


Why Choose Exal BPO formedical transcription services?

  •  Our three-tier work-flow ensures that a quality check is done on each file before submission. The transcriptionists assigned to each client account have ample experience in that particular specialty to ensure that medical terminologies are correctly transcribed. Each transcript from the template to the patient details to the dictation is checked twice for accuracy.
  • All transcription work is done by experienced professionals and not by any speech recognition software, to ensure error free transcripts.
  • Each medical transcriptionist graduates from a rigorous six month medical transcription course before being inducted into our team. Some of our transcriptionists and proof readers are physiotherapists and therapists who are well acquainted with medical terminologies.
  • Try us before you sign-up with us! We can offer a free trial on a sample project for you, to demonstrate our transcription capabilities. Send us sample transcripts, templates and sample audio files.