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Outsource Pharmacy Business Services

Even though the healthcare sector is booming, pharmacy business is still overlooked by the concerned professionals and is treated as an ancillary service. Nothing could be further away from the truth, as pharmacy business management is very important to the success of the whole healthcare system. Today, even as more than 50% of the pharmacy business is run by a small number of major retail organizations, pharmacy business faces considerable challenges due to globalization.

exalt bpo's Pharmacy Business Management Services

  • Pharmacy Management Services
  • Pharmacy Billing Services
  • Document Management Service
  • Mail Order Pharmacy Service

Why Choose Exal BPO for pharmacy business servie?

  1. Presence of a skilled service team which includes licensed pharmacists and trained resources (who deal with various categories of drug codes), quality assurance teams, teams well-versed with HIPPA compliance and Medicare part D, and teams capable of working under any pharmacy information system
  2. LTC specialized subject matter experts and a professional resources trained in pharmacy information systems (PIS) like Helix, Frameworks, QS1, CIPS, HBS, etc., with expertise in dealing with various tools and formats such as CoverMyMeds, DocuTrack, Payor Rules, Facility Census, and more
  3. Global delivery excellence model that helps us offer great operational reliability with the help of multiple centers of Excellence present in both India and abroad. We operate 24×7 while making sure all your requirements are properly met
  4. Highly scalable services, capable of handling small to large volumes of pharmaceutical stocks and workflows