PRE-Processing Support


Outsource Pre-processing Support Services

The mortgage process team at Exalt BPO handles pre-processing support services for the home loan process. We order and review all the necessary forms, CAIVRS authorization, appraisal orders and help with Rate lock. We work with lenders and brokers during this stage of the mortgage process to help them complete all the necessary steps speedily.

exalt bpo's pre-processing support services

The mortgage services support team at Exalt BPO reviews this form to ensure the completeness of the application (borrower names, occupancy history, employment history, initials, signature & date) so that it can be processed further.

Exalt BPO takes care of the process of locking the current interest rate for an applicant for a specified period (15/30/45/60). Our home loan process includes a complete rate lock process as required on a case to case basis.

Why Choose Exal BPO for Pre-Processing Support?

We order appraisals from authorized appraisers by sending an email with the loan application reference and property details. Before placing the appraisal order, we verify the payment receipt (for appraisal fee).